Tips and Resources for Small Businesses Web Presence

10 Tips for Writing Your Business Blog

Increase traffic to your website and enhance your SEO with an effective business blog page. {DEVADiGM} is your source for advice and services to enhance your digital presence, including blog content writing and digital marketing. Here are our top tips on how to write a business blog that will drive more visitors to your…

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6 Ways a BOGO Sale Can Help Your Business

BOGO is a proven sales tactic with many variations. It creates a sense of urgency, pushing customers to make a purchase. On the other hand, a flash offer prevents customers from getting used to buying on the discount terms. The Buy One, Get One Free strategy is a great discount technique to use to appeal…

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Password Storage with Dashlane

Dashlane is a multi-platform, full-featured password storage manager. More than a password manager, it is actually a digital wallet. Dashlane is offered for businesses and individuals and offers free and premium level subscriptions.

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