A domain hosting company allows individuals and businesses to publish their content online. The website files are stored on the hosting company’s computers, called servers. Hosting is required in order for a website to be online. {DEVADiGM} has created multiple packages to fit the needs of our clients. All of our hosting packages are automatically renewed annually so you don’t have to worry about your site going offline due to a late renewal.

What type of hosting plan is right for my website?

When choosing a hosting plan, there are multiple factors to take into consideration.

SecurityAmount of traffic to the website
Plugins and Theme(s) being usedWho will be maintaining the site
Expected amount of development workSize of the Website

We recommend signing up for a Monthly WordPress Maintenance plan. Our monthly plans set you and your website up for success by keeping it secure, updated, and functioning well.

Devadigm’s Hosting Plans:

Secure WordPress Hosting



Basic WordPress Hosting with Quarterly Updates to WordPress core, theme(s), and plugins

Premium WordPress Hosting



Basic WordPress Hosting with Monthly Updates to WordPress core, theme(s), and plugins

Basic Hosting

Limited Budget? DIY’er?

We offer basic domain hosting with backups for $125/year. Contact us to get started.

We use and recommend Site Ground for WordPress hosting. If you’d like to create your own hosting account and are trying to decide what company to go with, check them out.