Hands on a keyboard creating a contact form with the W P Forms WordPress plugin

How to Create a Contact Form with WPForms

One of the key elements to an effective Contact Page is a contact form that is easy to fill out and captures all of the information needed. We have used several WordPress contact form plugins over the years with varying levels of success. There are a small handful we still use and WPForms has certainly become our “Go to” contact form plugin for most projects. One of the main reasons for this is that it has proven to be the easiest form for our clients to use. it has a simple drag and drop interface and even includes templates for a few different types of forms.

I sat down to start my research and preparation for writing a tutorial on how to create a contact form using the WPForms WordPress plugin. During my research, I quickly discovered how great the written and video tutorials are that WPForms has created, so I am simply providing this introduction and links to their material.

You can read their full tutorial, “How to Create a Simple Contact Form in WordPress (Easily)or watch the video below.

Note: This article may include affiliate links. After spending months or years using some products and services ourselves and recommending them to dozens of clients and other professionals, we figured why not get a free coffee or two out of it? We do not and will not sign up for affiliate services that we don’t use or highly recommend. Ever.