About Devadigm – A Web Development and Digital Project Management Company

Who is {DEVADiGM}?

{DEVADiGM} is a mashup of “development” and “paradigm”. The name was created because we develop the paradigm of your web presence.

{DEVADiGM} was started by Shane Skinner with 2 clients in 2015, and has grown to manage web projects for dozens of clients worldwide. Shane had just moved to beautiful Cape Cod and spent a lot of time meeting other industry professionals. He quickly realized that there were quite a few specialists on the Cape. Web Developers, Web Designers, SEO Experts, Coders, etc. Yet while all these services were available locally, he found that there was a shortage of experienced professionals who offered multiple types of services.

Small business owners hired one person to design their website and sometimes another to develop it. Another person would handle their SEO and usually they would attempt to manage the social media accounts, copy writing, and newsletters themselves. Tight on time and budget, this often led to social media accounts and websites becoming outdated as they weren’t maintained with current information and weren’t updated with the latest software updates. This was a problem!

{DEVADiGM} to the Rescue!

Devadigm helps small businesses increase profits by improving their online presence.

This is how {DEVADiGM} came to be – to solve problems. Shane wanted to build a company that can solve small business owners’ digital problems by becoming the Project Manager for their web projects. Eliminating the need to hire multiple people or contractors, business owners could now hire {DEVADiGM} to manage their digital presence. We work with clients to create a consistent, relevant, and successful brand message across all their utilized digital platforms. Our primary focus is to solve problems and help clients exceed their goals. If {DEVADiGM} doesn’t complete a type of work that is needed, we’ll find a professional that will. This saves the business owner time and money allowing them to do what they do best – manage their business.

“I started {DEVADiGM} for both my clients and myself. I love solving problems and helping businesses grow and succeed, especially small businesses. This combined with my background in project management and web development made the concept of Devadigm an easy choice. I enjoy and appreciate the opportunities that doing work that I love provides. I get to meet and work with professionals from all backgrounds and have the flexibility that my family and I desire.”

Shane Skinner – Founder and Chief Problem Solver